Sts. Joachim & Ann Care Service

In 2006, Sts. Joachim & Ann Care Service assisted over 7,000 individuals of all faiths by providing basic necessities such as food, shelter, and much more. Programs like these help individuals and families combat the threat of homelessness, sickness, malnutrition and despair, so they may work confidently toward self-reliance and become productive citizens.

Through many different programs, including the "Miracle on McClay", our annual Adopt-a-Family Christmas Program, we give our families hope for a health, productive life, a sense of belonging and the sense of being valued by others within the community despite economic circumstances. Acts of respectful kindness help protect our families against the sense of shame and overwhelming hopelessness caused by poverty.

Our volunteers provided over 100,000 hours of giving in 2006. This translated into an in-kind value of $1.2 million. Although we attempt to assign a dollar value to this giving, it is hard to put into words what this means to our agency. Without our strong and faithful volunteer force we would not be able to help our families the way we do. They make the Care Service the strong member of our community that we are.